Mt. Vernon Education Foundation Strategic Plan

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The Mt. Vernon Education Foundation is approaching our 10th Anniversary serving in the capacity of supporting your meaningful work in the classroom at MVCSC. Over the past ten months the Mt. Vernon Education Foundation has been working diligently in the development of a strategic plan for the future of the organization. We want to pause and thank all of those who participated by taking the surveys, focus groups, attending meetings and or writing to us with your suggestions and input. It was invaluable! We also want to say thank the following who served on the Strategic Planning Committee chaired by Rob Montgomery. These individuals gave generously of their time and talent each month as we worked through this strategic planning process. Thank you!

Alyssa Prazeau
Anne Dunlavy
Brandon Wiseman
Chris Walrod
Eric Kammerer
Greg Roach
Mike Staton
Noell Allen
Renee Oldham
Rob Montgomery
Scott Shipley
Shane Robbins
Shannon Walls
Stacy Griner
Susan Bennett
Tom Shaver

The purpose of our strategic plan is to articulate the long range direction and priorities for the Mt. Vernon Education Foundation (MVEF). The objectives and strategies outlined in this attached document have been approved by our board of directors and will guide us over the next five years. Over the past ten years MVEF has been able to contribute almost $350,000 back to the classroom thru grants and awards; collaborated with partners to create innovative programs to address emerging needs; strengthened our governance and organizational processes; leveraged social media platforms to increase visibility and engagement with our stakeholders; and made it easier for our donors to support our programs, projects and initiatives.

Much of this was accomplished because of the dedication of stakeholders such as yourself who partnered with MVEF for excellence, innovation and creativity in the classroom. Our new strategic plan will continue to build upon these cornerstones but will broaden our scope through serving as a connector with our community, stakeholders and partners in bringing new programs, initiatives, real world experiences and best practices to our Mt. Vernon classrooms. MVEF has already begun to implement components of the plan by building capacity with the expansion of our part-time executive director position to a full-time position, hiring a firm to create a new brand, logo and web-site for the organization that will include a resource center for teachers to name a few. Speaking of new brand development we will be sharing a survey link this week asking for your input as we develop a new logo and brand for the Mt. Vernon Education Foundation.

We want to encourage you as you read through the strategic plan if there are areas that you would like to be engaged in or have questions about please don’t hesitate to contact me. We appreciate all the support the community has given MVEF over the past ten years and we are anxiously looking forward to working with all of the MVCSC stakeholders in the future!

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